• Am I eligible for a refund?

    Refunds can only be paid in limited circumstances. Generally a refund request can only be made by the person shown as the 'payer' on the receipt. You can claim for refunds of failed transactions and duplicate payments only. Applications other than the aforesaid categories of refund shall not be entertained.

  • How do I request a refund?

    Complete the online form. Prior to submitting this form for assessment you should ensure that you have filled out all of the necessary questions, and accepted the declaration. If you do not complete all the required details, the application will not be accepted.

  • How long will the refund take?

    There is no standard time for processing refund requests. Each claim must be individually assessed under relevant administrative authority.

  • How will the refund be made?

    If the refund request is successful, you will be paid the approved amount directly to the bank account used to make the original payment. The method of payment preferred by the University is electronic funds transfer (EFT). Alternatively, depending on your location, the Department may make the refund by another payment method.

  • Where do I contact?