Instructions To Submit Application For Online Refund Request

If amount debited from your account and prompt for payment again during the payment process, if possible, wait for 48 hours to change the status. (The payment gateways will clear all the mess met with by the customers at fixed intervals so that the applicants will have a clear picture about their payments by this time) If Status does not change even after 48 hours, the amount will be auto refunded to the account within 7 working days by the bank. If neither the status change nor the amount credited to the account, she/he shall submit an application for refund through online system. The refund request should be submitted only after 7 days from the date of payment and before the expiry of validity of the chalan (90 days).

How to submit online application.

There are two types of Refund Requests. and (double payment for the same purpose)
Refund will be made only to the account from which the amount was remitted.

For Failed Transaction(Amount debited from the account, status shows failed and did not receive the amount through auto refund within 7 days ) - Please provide the exact details furnished at the time of payment - Payee Name, Mobile Number, E-mail, Date Of payment and Amount (Excluding service charge) etc

For Duplicate Transaction (who have done double payment for the same purpose) -Please enter only the duplicate transaction Id/chalan Number.

On submission of application for refund the applicant will receive both sms and email alerts.

As per U O No . 306/AC A 1/2020/MGU dated 20.01.2020 no refund is admissible to excess/wrong remittance made by the students . View

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